Brian Eno - Eno (Soundtrack) [2LP] (3 previously unreleased recordings)(Pre-Order)



Label Verve International
Format LP Vinyl
Release Date 6/7/2024
Genre Soundtrack

          Official soundtrack to the 2024 Gary Hustwit documentary Eno — the definitive documentary about visionary musician and artist Brian Eno, and a ground-breaking generative film that's different every time it's shown.

          The 17 tracks included on the album feature work from early solo outings such as 1974's Taking Tiger Mountain and 1975's Another Green World, and acclaimed collaborations with the likes of David Bryne, John Cale, Cluster, and more recently, Fred again… The collection leads all the way through to music from his latest album, FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE, and his 2022 appearance at the Acropolis in Athens with his brother Roger Eno.

          For the past 50 years, Brian Eno has been at the forefront of musical creativity, technology, and artistic innovation. The hugely influential British musician, producer, activist, visual artist and self-described "sonic landscaper" began his career as an original member of the legendary Roxy Music in the early 1970s. He left the band to release a series of solo records and later pioneered the genre of ambient music with his 1978 album Ambient 1: Music for Airports. As a producer, Brian Eno has helped define and reinvent the sound of some of the most important artists in music, including David Bowie, U2, Talking Heads, Coldplay, and dozens of others. He also composed what may be the most heard piece of music in the world: the startup sound for Microsoft Windows. Undeniably, Eno has changed the way modern music is made.

          Rich with access to hundreds of hours of never-before-seen footage and unreleased music, Gary Hustwit's documentary Eno employs groundbreaking technology to accomplish something that's never been done before: a feature film that's never the same twice. Hustwit and creative technologist Brendan Dawes have developed bespoke generative software designed to sequence scenes and create transitions out of Hustwit's original interviews with Eno, and Eno's rich archive of hundreds of hours of never-before-seen footage, and unreleased music. Each screening of Eno is unique, presenting different scenes, order, music, and meant to be experienced live. The generative and infinitely iterative quality of Eno poetically resonates with the artist's own creative practice, his methods of using technology to compose music, and his endless deep dive into the mercurial essence of creativity.


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