INVSN - Let The Night Love You [LP](Pre-Order)



Label Clouds Hill
Format LP Vinyl
Release Date 6/3/2022
Genre Post Punk


A rebellious spirit of social justice is hugely prevalent in INVSN, the feverish post-punk camaraderie led by Refused frontman, Dennis Lyxzén and completed by a cross-section of members from iconic Swedish rock and punk acts like Masshysteri or Deportees. On their first LP in five years, INVSN offer an intense, dark, and brooding outlook on life both disturbingly current and essentially timeless. “Let The Night Love You” is driven by an epic sense of morbid grandeur and apocalyptic megalomania, a dark and bleak album. Songs for cities in ruins and ashes, for societies falling apart and for people holding tight no matter what.


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