Cloud Nothings - Last Building Burning [LP]



Label Carpark Records
Format LP Vinyl
Release Date 10/19/2018
Genre Rock


Last Building Burning is the product of eight days with producer Randall Dunn (Sunn O))), Wolves in the Throne Room, Boris) in Texas studio Sonic Ranch. Clocking in just over half an hour, the eight-song album sees Cloud Nothings capture their onstage appeal with help from Dunn, who Baldi describes as ''technically minded without relying on technology to perfect the live sound.'' In that, Last Building Burning is a return to Cloud Nothing's sharpest form - the unhinged, feverish, guitar-heavy sound that they explode with onstage - without their early angst. ''It's not an angry record,'' says Baldi. ''It's a very joyous thing for me. And it feels so nice to scream again, especially when you know people in the crowd will be screaming along back at you.''


  1. On An Edge
  2. Leave Him Now
  3. In Shame
  4. Offer An End
  5. The Echo Of The World
  6. Dissolution
  7. So Right So Clean
  8. Another Way Of Life 

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