Gost - Prophecy [LP] (Tigers Eye Vinyl)(Pre-Order)



Label Metal Blade Records
Format LP Vinyl
Release Date 3/8/2024
Genre Electronic, Dark Synth 


Gost exist in the dark crack between black metal and the most shadowy end of electronic music. Since the release of the 'Radio Macabre' EP at the start of 2013, and the remorseless digital nightmare of their 'Skull' debut album six months later, Texas-based multi-instrumentalist, producer and main-brain James Lollar has become an increasingly singular force in music. Far more aggressive and sinister than the synthwave he's often grouped with, Gost is a harsh and unique digital nightmare that takes the listener right into the heart of the abyss.

Now Gost return with their sixth album, and their most exhilarating and dangerous-sounding work to date, 'Prophecy'. It's a record that perfectly reflects the horror and grim anxieties of a world beset with religious and political overreach, and progress "being rolled back to the fucking 1950s".

 Limited 1 Per Costumer 

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