Indy Record Shop is an independent, mail-order record shop located in Tampa, Florida. Our records range from new, sealed represses and new releases to used, vintage vinyl. We have a passion for vinyl and pugs, so you'll frequently see pictures of pugs in our shop.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide quality vinyl to music lovers worldwide! We want to become your first stop for all vinyl, all the time.

Our Records

Being originally based out of Nashville, TN "Music City" has it's perks! Indy Record Shop has access to local vinyl presses with catalogs containing over 98,000 titles as well as those basement record collections of the many musicians surrounding Nashville! Indy Record Shop also ships all of their records in custom, heavy duty vinyl mailers so that you know that your wax will arrive safely!

Our Team


Mauricio, a Mexican native, has always been deeply inspired by music, specifically vinyl records. He grew up with vinyl records around the home and when he moved to Nashville, he saw endless possibilities to find rare, unique records. Now being based out of Tampa, Mauricio is on the hunt for the cleanest vintage records in Florida! Indy Record Shop was the product of someone with a desire to spread the love of music and show off his beautiful little pug in the process! 



Blake, a Nashville native, has always been a music lover. Although Blake has a B.S. in Marine Science and her main passion lies in the ocean, she grew up in Music City which gave her the ear and the music knowledge to be able to find the best vinyl around. She's a huge asset to our team, as she helps us crate dig and provides most of our customer support. If you ever have a question for Indy Record Shop, chances are, Blake will be the one to help you.


Indy is an 8 year old black pug with a passion for all things vinyl! She's our inspiration for Indy Record Shop and she's basically the one running the show! Her pug brother, Bowie, is also a huge help – which is exactly why all of our records are pug tested, pug approved.